About DeKalb CSB

DeKalb Community Service Board (CSB) is an innovative, community-based behavioral health and developmental disabilities services organization located in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, offering a full range of mental health services, developmental disabilities programs and substance abuse treatment to more than 11,000 citizens annually who are uninsured and underinsured. As a public, not-for-profit organization, the DeKalb CSB operates more than 20 locations in DeKalb County with a diverse workforce of more than 500 direct-care and support staff.

Our staff of physicians, nurses, clinicians and support personnel is dedicated to helping our clients and their families recover from these debilitating disabilities and resume productive lives. We strive to provide the highest quality, evidence-based services in the least restrictive settings, and we envision a community in which disabilities no longer limit potential. DeKalb CSB is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Read more on our recent CARF accreditation here.

Mission, Vision, & Values

  • Our Mission: DeKalb Community Service Board strives to provide the right service, for the right person, at the right time.
  • Our Vision: The DeKalb Community Service Board envisions a community in which disabilities no longer limit potential.
  • Our Values:
    • Providing inspirational leadership in marshaling resources to achieve our vision
    • Being an industry leader in public sector service delivery
    • Having talented and well trained staff that is client and mission focused
    • Offering a full service continuum with a collaborative spirit
    • Being the provider of choice, the employer of choice and the board of choice


Our medical, clinical and support staff is dedicated to making brighter tomorrows for our clients and we invite you to support our mission and join us in envisioning a community in which disabilities no longer limit potential. View a complete list of services offered by DeKalb CSB here. 

Adult Mental Health & Addiction Services

DeKalb Community Service Board provides substance abuse services for adults and offers mental health services to children, adolescents and adults. Our staff of physicians, nurses, clinicians and support personnel is dedicated to helping our clients and their families recover and resume productive lives.

Child & Adolescent Mental Health

DeKalb CSB offers mental health outpatient and community support services for children and adolescents. Youth between the ages of three and eighteen are eligible for these services if assessed and determined to have a diagnosis which indicates emotional disturbance, mood disorder, behavioral disorder or some combination of these categories.  Individuals who are significant in the child’s life, schooling or community are included as appropriate in the plan of care.

Developmental Disabilities

DeKalb CSB offers a broad range of services and supports to adults with developmental disabilities. Our focus is meeting the individual’s needs and preferences using person-centered principles. We offer REAL choices, provide opportunities for individuals to maximize their independence and ensure each person has a meaningful life. Developmental Disability Programs offer living and work options designed to meet the needs of the individual and to foster independence and skill development.


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Still want to learn more? Find out about our mental health tip of the week and more from our board certified staff Psychiatrist, Dr. Paul. Read more on our blog on how to Learn Mindfulness 101 in Two Easy Steps or about how DeKalb CSB was recently awarded a CARF certification for the fourth consecutive year. Read more on our blog here!

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