Client Testimonials 3

BJ’s Story: Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

My name is BJ. I’m an alcoholic and drug addict. I have currently been clean for 1 year, 6 months, 28 days. Like most people, I had a heavy drinking and drug problem. One day I decided it was time for me to get help.….read more

Star’s Story: A New Beginning for the Whole Family

My name is Star. I’m a wife and a mother, and I also work in the veterinary field. I have been diagnosed as bipolar with alcohol and drug addiction. I have been going through treatment since June of last year, and I’m taking medication.…read more

Suzanne’s Story: A Shelter from Life’s Storms

For over 20 years, Nashville native Suzanne worked an event planner in Atlanta and a flight attendant. She flew on many international flights, and her favorite destinations included Amsterdam, Geneva, Munich, Paris and Rome. Back at home, Suzanne was not prepared for the series of tragic events her family would…read more

The Blessings of a Special Needs Son

When Jackie gave birth to her son Donald, the doctor said her baby would not live 24 hours. More than 30 years later, Donald is living proof that the doctor’s predictions were wrong. Jackie shares what the CHOICE program at East DeKalb has meant to Donald…read more

Regina Celebrates One Year of Sobriety

With a year of sobriety under her belt, Regina is back in the workforce after a 10 year absence. Admitting her addiction was Regina’s first step toward freedom. Hear how DeKalb CSB’s DeKalb Addiction Clinic provided her the help she needed…read more

Frank’s Second Chance at Life

Frank found himself at a crossroads and chose a path he will never regret. Three years ago, he sought mental health and substance abuse services from the DeKalb Community Service Board. Today Frank is pursuing a new career to help others in recovery…read more

Ladies in Group Therapy Share Their Stories

Transformation takes place in group therapy. These four ladies who attend a group for mental health and substance abuse recovery at a DeKalb CSB outpatient site asked to share their stories. During their times together, they have wept, laughed and encouraged each other to achieve their goals.…read more

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