Suzanne’s Story: A Shelter from Life’s Storms

Suzanne H.For over 20 years, Nashville native Suzanne worked an event planner in Atlanta and a flight attendant. She flew on many international flights, and her favorite destinations included Amsterdam, Geneva, Munich, Paris and Rome.

Back at home, Suzanne was not prepared for the series of tragic events her family would soon face. Her 18-year-old daughter was shot and suffered from a brain injury. Suzanne encouraged her daughter to start painting as a way to communicate and won a Disabled Artist of the Year award for her acrylic painting. Five years later, her daughter died in a house fire. At the same time, Suzanne’s son was struggling and died at age 29 of a drug overdose.

As a result of the death of her two children and her sister, Suzanne sunk into a depression and became addicted to Oxycontin. Eventually she came to the DeKalb Regional Crisis Center for help and now resides in her own apartment through DeKalb CSB’s mental health residential services. Suzanne said, “DeKalb CSB helped me by giving me a place to go home to.”

She commends her case manager, Sherri Grady. “Seeing my case manager every week and having this health system in place has been a tremendous help. The holidays are difficult but DeKalb CSB has been a big help to me.”

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