Community Leader Testimonials

Sheriff Thomas Brown Testimonial

The DeKalb Community Service Board has a longstanding partnership with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office. In this video, Sheriff Thomas Brown shares his thoughts on the current partnership, a 90-day jail-based mandated substance abuse program.

Yankz! (Sporting Innovations) Testimonial

Pierce Pape, CEO of Sporting Innovations, gives a testimony for his company’s 10 year partnership with DeKalb CSB. While others in the industry have moved their production overseas, Sporting Innovations has kept their commitment to working with DeKalb Enterprises on the production of their Yankz! product…read more

Mary Margaret Oliver Testimonial

Georgia State House Representative Mary Margaret Oliver discusses the growth of the DeKalb CSB over the years and its positive impact on the community. She shares her particular concern for child and adolescent mental health treatment in Georgia.

Dr. Raymond Kotwicki Testimonial

Dr. Raymond J. Kotwicki, MD, MPH speaks of the strong alliance between DeKalb CSB and Emory University School of Medicine. DeKalb CSB offers medical students experience in the field of psychiatry and an introduction to the public mental health system.

Judge Winston Bethel Testimonial

Retired Judge Winston Bethel was formerly the Chief Magistrate of the DeKalb County Magistrate Court and a visionary of the Mental Health Court. He gives a testimony for DeKalb Community Service Board’s role as a leader in public mental health services.

Larry Johnson Testimonial

DeKalb County Commissioner Larry Johnson gives a testimony that DeKalb Community Service Board is an invaluable asset to the community. He cites DeKalb CSB’s role in providing emotional care after the death of two law enforcement officers.

Stan Watson Testimonial

DeKalb County Commissioner Stan Watson gives a testimony for DeKalb Community Service Board’s work to provide treatment for those with mental illness and substance addictions in the criminal justice system.

Andy Cummings Testimonial

Andy Cummings, Director of the DeKalb County Drug Court, gives a testimonial about the DeKalb CSB’s role as the Court’s clinical treatment provider for non-violent substance abusing offenders. Through this partnership, participants learn to lead a law abiding drug free way of life.

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