Mental Health Residential Services

The DeKalb CSB Residential Services program provides residents with an apartment and wrap-around services designed to help each person live a healthy, full and self-determined life. The program provides housing options for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness who are homeless or have lower income and would benefit from support in a residential setting.

Mental Health Residential Services are integrated therapeutic, rehabilitative, skill building and recovery promoting services. Individuals gain the skills necessary to allow them to remain in or return to naturally occurring community settings and activities. This structured supportive housing program is designed to teach residents the independent living skills they need to manage the symptoms of their mental illnesses and to maintain stable housing.

Case Management Services

Case management services are provided within the individual’s home. This service is customized to meet each person’s short and long-term goals.

  • Personal Communication & Emotion Management
  • Community Service Referrals & Linkage
  • Transportation (as requested)
  • Outpatient Coordination & Linkage
  • Household Management Skills
  • Pre-vocational Skills
  • Social, Problem, & Coping Skills Development
  • Illness & Medication Self-Management

Housing Types

  • Permanent Supportive Housing
  • Low-Income Structured Residential

Residential Services provides housing for 144 male and female residents in 72 apartments located in DeKalb County. All residents receiving services are age 18 and older.

The majority of our housing is for individuals with mental illness who are homeless. We also offer housing for individuals with mental illness who are low income.

How to Access Services

All individuals to be considered for housing placement must complete an intake with DeKalb Community Service Board’s Central Intake prior to referral to Residential Services. During the intake appointment, the individual should request a referral to Residential Services. To schedule an intake, call the DeKalb CSB’s Central Access line at 404.892.4646.

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