Crisis Services

DeKalb CSB serves as a resource in the community providing behavioral health crisis services for individuals and their families which include:

  • Crisis Intervention and Stabilization Services
  • Mental Illness and Addictive Disease Stabilization
  • Mobile Crisis Response

 How to Access Crisis Services

Contact DeKalb Regional Crisis Center or the Mobile Crisis Response Unit at 404.294.0499.

DeKalb Regional Crisis Center, located at 450 Winn Way in Decatur, is a 24-hour, seven day a week facility that houses a Mobile Crisis Response Unit, an assessment and evaluation outpatient Psychiatric Emergency Service, a Temporary Observation Unit and a residential Crisis Stabilization Unit.

The center serves adults age 18 and older from DeKalb, Fulton and Clayton Counties who are experiencing psychiatric instability or substance abuse symptoms requiring interventions through emergency services or admission to the stabilization unit.

Psychiatric Emergency Services

The crisis center functions as a psychiatric emergency room with a 23-hour temporary observation unit. Individuals may access services through walk-in, referral by emergency room providers, peace officer’s certificate or lay affidavit from Probate court. As an emergency receiving facility, individuals may be admitted through an involuntary commitment.

Assessment and intervention services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, clinical nurse specialists, registered nurses, professional counselors and healthcare technicians. The team, made up of treatment professionals and the client, determines the necessary level of care.

The goal of all crisis services is to treat individuals in the least restrictive environment possible. Staff are highly skilled in crisis services and focus on identifying what precipitated the crisis, developing a treatment plan to manage the crisis or resolve the situation and linking the individual and family with appropriate follow-up care in a timely manner.

Crisis Stabilization Unit

As a licensed crisis stabilization unit, the center offers short-term psychiatric stabilization and detoxification services and is designated as an emergency receiving and evaluation facility for adults that may need involuntary admission.

Mobile Crisis Response Unit

The Mobile Crisis Response Unit is staffed by DeKalb Regional Crisis Center psychiatric nurses who ride with DeKalb County police officers in a specialized unit to respond to calls related to mental health and substance abuse issues.

The unit receives referrals from DeKalb CSB, police units, emergency medical services and 911 operators. Intervention by the Mobile Crisis Response Unit may be requested by the client, family member or treatment provider.

The team successfully diverts numerous citizens from jail and helps them access the treatment they need. The mobile unit operates exclusively within DeKalb County.


Paula Reclaims Her Life

When facing debilitating depression and anxiety, Paula came to the DeKalb Regional Crisis Center. The staff referred her to the North DeKalb Mental Health Center where she found the help she needed to reclaim her life.

Mailing: PO Box 1648, Decatur, GA 30031
General information: 404.294.3834
Appointments, referrals and crisis support: 404.892.4646

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