Counseling and Therapy

Group Therapy

Led by a therapist, group involves several individuals coming together to help themselves and each other in a structured clinical setting. Groups meet at regularly scheduled days and times and typically last between one to two hours. Groups are generally structured around an identified illness, issue or theme, but session topics vary according to the needs of the group. Participation in a specific group is determined by client need and appropriateness for group participation. Clients are not limited to groups held at their assigned center. Group has been shown to be a highly effective form of therapy and with certain illnesses or issues can be more effective than individual therapy. For example, group treatment is the preferred method of treatment for substance related issues.

Individual Therapy

With a focus on improving the overall mental health of the client, individual therapy involves a therapist and client working together to move the client towards his or her identified goal. Our therapists focus on using the evidence-based intervention most appropriate to fit the needs of the issue and individual. Frequency of appointments is determined on the presenting issue and goals of the client.

Family Therapy

Family therapy involves a whole family or several family members, all meeting with a therapist. This type of therapy can be helpful if a family is having problems getting along and/or communicating effectively. It can also be used when one family member has a problem and family relationships may be contributing to or maintaining the problem and/or if family members want to learn how to best support a family member diagnosed with mental illness.

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