DeKalb Matters

Dekalb Matters represents a collaborative effort of the partners of Dekalb CSB, other agencies, and ambassadors of Dekalb CSB to educate and inform the citizens of the services offered by Dekalb CSB and the system of care offered to those with mental health conditions, substance use disorders, and IDD.

The Problem:
The DeKalb County community, especially BIPOC, are in need of affordable, equitable, quality access to care in addition to answering the critical needs of that affect behavioral health and quality of life.

The Goal:
The goal of the DeKalb Matters initiative is to create and engage a network of behavioral health and IDD providers to help support and better serve DeKalb County citizens.

The Solution:
Dekalb Matters would represent an intentional and active collaborative effort of the behavioral health and IDD service providers to cohesively educate and inform the citizens of the services offered in the community.

The Benefits & Impact:

– Increased exposure through optimizing the organization’s marketing channels

– Increase in overall client positive outcomes by serving the “whole individual” through referrals

– Increased Impact = More Funding Opportunities = More Opportunities for Client Impact

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