Developmental Disability

DeKalb CSB offers a broad range of services and supports to adults with developmental disabilities. Our focus is meeting the individual’s needs and preferences using person-centered principles. We offer REAL choices, provide opportunities for individuals to maximize their independence and ensure each person has a meaningful life.

Developmental Disability Programs offer living and work options designed to meet the needs of the individual and to foster independence and skill development.

  • Living options consist of shared living homes with 24/7supervision as needed and community living support in one’s own or family’s home.
  • Community access activities, community participation activities and work activities are provided during the week at the DeKalb Services Center (Brookhaven) and East DeKalb (Stone Mountain/Lithonia). Some individuals are employed by businesses throughout the county working 20 hours or more a week at above minimum wage salaries.
  • Transportation services are available through Medicaid Waiver services in both Community Living options and Community Access options. MARTA is another transportation resource.
  • Family education is provided both formally and informally by professionals such as nurses, pharmacists, social workers, developmental disabilities professionals, psychologists and behavior specialists.
  • DeKalb MR Auxiliary began as a meeting of parents of individuals attending the DeKalb Services Center. It has been expanded to include families from all service components. The Auxiliary supports our programs through service recommendations, financial assistance and program advocacy. The Parent Auxiliary members are also active advocates for developmental disability services at the statewide and county level. Parents are involved in the development and selection of family education topics. Information about meetings and education programs offered by other agencies are shared with families on a regular basis.

How to Access Our Services

To determine eligibility for DeKalb CSB’s developmental disability services, contact the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Region 3 Office for intake and evaluation at 770.414.3052 and online at For those in Region 3 who currently have a Medicaid Waiver for NOW or COMP services and would like the DeKalb CSB to be your provider, contact us to set up a tour. (Note that for Residential Services the individual does not currently have to live to Region 3 but must be open to moving to Region 3.)

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