Established in 2006, the Brighter DeKalb Foundation is a nonprofit organization in metro-Atlanta established to help youth and adults reclaim their lives by supporting the full continuum of behavioral health and developmental disability services provided by the DeKalb

Community Service Board (DeKalb CSB).Each year, the Foundation is fortunate to witness countless individuals reclaim their lives once fractured by depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia; families rebuild trust and stability; severely emotionally disturbed children reclaim their childhood; as well as numerous men and women gain victory over addiction.

The Brighter DeKalb Foundation’s mission is to promote, advance and support the services provided by DeKalb Community Service Board.

We accomplish this mission by:

  • Raising funds and charitable gifts for initiatives and services offered by DeKalb CSB.
  • Promoting awareness and support for DeKalb CSB.
  • Strengthening the link between DeKalb CSB, stakeholders and the community to enhance giving opportunities.
  • Developing partnerships and collaborations to advance the mission and vision of DeKalb CSB.

The Brighter DeKalb Foundation supports the services provided by DeKalb CSB. Annually, DeKalb CSB serves more than 11,000 children, adolescents and adults, 38% of which are uninsured.  With nearly 500 staff members, DeKalb CSB provides a full range of community-based public mental health, developmental disability and substance use services