The Blessing of a Special Needs Son

When Jackie gave birth to her son Donald, the doctor said her baby would not live 24 hours. A day later, Donald was still here. Then the doctor said that at best, he would be a “vegetable.” “I told God that I would not ask why, but if He would let me keep Donald, I… Read more »

A Family’s Peace of Mind

Patty and her husband have gained peace of mind since their two sons started attending the DeKalb Services Center nearly 30 years ago. The center is a DeKalb Community Service Board day program serving 120 adults with developmental disabilities.

Moses’ Story: the Role of Music in Recovery

Moses shares his story of overcoming substance abuse and mental health challenges. DeKalb Community Service Board’s Clifton Springs staff encouraged him to pursue his talents, and as a result music has played a powerful role in his recovery.

Gregory’s Story: the Role of Art in Recovery

Gregory shares how he rediscovered his artistic talent through the encouragement of staff at the DeKalb Community Service Board’s Clifton Springs recovery program. Gregory expanded his talent from drawing in black and white to painting in brilliant colors.